Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The 100k Mile Service Stop For Volvos

It is very common for drivers to steer their Volvos past the 100k-mile mark. Most Volvos last well beyond 100k miles, although that is a good time to visit your local service shop. Volvo has proven to produce very reliable and durable vehicles, although there are still parts that are prone to breaking down around the 100k-mile mark according to the experts at MBV European Ltd in Charlotte North Carolina.

Volvo, vintage, yellow Volvo car

Some of the parts that could begin to wear down include the water pump and timing belt. The latter of those two can lead to major problems, so it is strongly recommended to test out the state of your Volvo’s timing belt at 100k miles. Older model Volvos should also have the components of their turbocharger checked, presuming it was made with one.

Volvos have also developed a reputation for having excellent safety features. Those features also need to be checked when the car reaches 100k miles. This safety check should extend to the car’s airbags as even minute holes in an airbag can cause it to be deployed improperly. That could bring about serious injury to drivers and passengers. The car’s anti-lock brakes should also be checked as that feature is likely to have experienced its share of wear and tear over the course of 100k miles.

Volvo, car, vintage, classic car, antique, automotive, 100 mile service, 100 mile repairs, Volvo service Charlotte NC, European car, European Auto, European auto service For Volvos, 100k miles can be interpreted a little differently. Since the early sixties, Volvos have been very dependable and regularly surpass 200k miles. That does not mean they do not require maintenance along the way. However, comprehensive service at 100k miles will go a long way towards a Volvo seeing the 200k-mile mark. Just like Mercedes Benz repair in Charlotte, Volvo auto care should be handled by a fully certified technician.

Replacement parts on Volvos are higher priced than car parts that are used to fix American cars. However, those replacement parts have the tendency to last quite a while, as long as they are factory parts.

It is also important to keep in mind that many Volvos that are hitting 100k miles around this time are 5-cylinder models. These models require some special attention as there are certain areas that have notoriously failed. Staying on top of that maintenance will provide your Volvo with as many miles as possible.

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