Thursday, July 19, 2018

Common Types of Land Rover Repairs

Purchasing your very own Land Rover can be a very exciting time. However, it does not mean that your future will be free of any repairs. Here is a look at the most common repair problems in a Land Rover.

Air Suspension

Land Rovers rely on a pump to support its air suspension and it was designed that way to provide a smoother ride. However, Land Rover service and repair centers in Charlotte NC agree that these pumps can fail and a bad height sensor can also deactivate the suspension. There could be other causes, but it is important to identify the warning signs. The most obvious warning sign is the activation of the EAS (electronic air suspension) light. Another indicator is that the truck will not seem to stay level when driving. As soon as you identify either of these issues, get your Land Rover to a certified mechanic right away.

Oil Leak

Land Rovers are known for springing an eventual oil leak. So when you notice any of that black ooze dripping from your vehicle, try to find the source. It could be something minor, such as a drain plug that needs to be tightened. However, it could be something more problematic as gaskets and heater cores can often fail in Land Rovers. The key is to take action at the first sign of a leak and it could really benefit you in the long term.

Parking Brake

Most cars rarely experience much trouble with a parking brake, but it is a more common issue in Land Rovers. The reason for this is typically because of a faulty brake actuator or a brake cable that is not adjusted correctly. The warning signs for a bad parking brake is a grinding noise or complete lack of release. Make an appointment with MBV Euro in Charlotte NC if you suspect a problem with your brakes.

Coolant Leak

A common problem in Land Rovers occurs in the coolant bottle, which has a tendency to crack and split. While some of those cracks may be small, it can eventually lead to problems with the vehicle overheating. One indicator of this problem is the activation of the low coolant light. When that lights up, get your Land Rover checked out before it can cause greater damage by overheating.

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