Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Auto Repair at Independent Shops Superior to Franchised Dealership Repair

A trip to the auto mechanic is not always a welcomed one for most people. However, the auto repair process is not as bad as it initially may sound, particularly when you can count on an independent shop like MBV European for all your repairs.

A recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports proved the superiority of independent repair shops over franchise owned car dealerships. Consumer Reports is one of the most respected American publications when it comes to evaluating products and has been doing so since 1936.

The most recent Consumer Reports survey included 80,000 car repair jobs done at franchise car dealerships along with 41,000 car repairs conducted by independent shops. Another interesting aspect was that the luxury car contingent was actually the highest segment of vehicles brought into a dealership for repairs.

The annual survey continued to show results that have been consistent for a number of years. The results indicated that respondents reported cheaper prices, better quality, more courtesy and an overall higher level of satisfaction when taking their vehicles to independent shops. The survey also showed that dealerships regularly charged significantly higher prices for labor and parts.

Auto mechanics who work at those dealerships were not a target in these results. Respondents were not dissatisfied with the quality of repair at dealerships, although they were not happy with other aspects of service. There was often a significant price gap when comparing the independent shops and dealerships. This can be particularly true for those seeking BMW repairs Charlotte NC.

The one group of respondents who also reported being much more satisfied with independent shops than dealership service centers were Mercedes Benz owners. They consistently reported receiving much lower prices when taking their vehicles to independent repair shops.

As a whole, respondents reported that the repairs were done on time more often at independent repair shops. Meanwhile, customers were typically forced to wait beyond the time they were quoted at a franchise dealership.

Franchised new car dealers rarely outperformed independent repair shops in terms of overall service and the only one who scored high marks was the electric car company Tesla. However, this is a relatively new company with only a limited amount of customers.

Independent repair shops provide an excess amount of advantages and MBV European Ltd. delivers in every one of those areas. As a respected name in Charlotte auto repair, we are committed to providing high quality service and affordable rates to owners of Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Land Rover and BMW vehicles.