Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Is It Worth It To Repair Or Replace My Mercedes Benz?

When you have owned a Mercedes Benz for a number of years, repair costs could begin to mount. That could present owners with the choice of whether to keep on paying for Mercedes Benz repairs or buying a new Mercedes Benz. Here is a look at the benefits of each option.

Benefits of Repair:

No new car payment – Buying a new car comes with a monthly payment that is probably going to be a lot more than what you are accustomed to spending per month on your older Mercedes Benz. There is also the down payment to consider, along with additional finance charges.

No depreciation – As soon as you buy a new car and drive it off the lot, it loses a lot of value. That money is also money you will never see again. Meanwhile, your used Mercedes will retain close to its same value over the next year or so.

Insurance rates stay the same – Buying a new Mercedes is likely to mean that your insurance premiums will see an increase. Those monthly payments can add up and by keeping your older Mercedes, you will not have to fork up any additional funds every month.

Benefits of Replacement:

Warranty – New cars come with warranties and the fact that they are new also means that you probably won’t experience any problems. But if you do encounter any mishaps, your new car warranty will prevent you from having to dig deep into your pockets to pay for repair.

New Features – We see these all the time at MBV Euro Charlotte.With each new year, more advanced features are being implemented into new Mercedes Benz vehicles. Those kind of advances could be at your fingertips with the purchase of a Mercedes that is fresh out of the factory. Enhanced safety features could also provide more security.

Down payment dollars – The money that probably would have been spent on repairs in the next coming year could be used towards the down payment for your new Mercedes Benz. One single repair can easily eclipse the $1,000-mark and that is money that would come in very handy when shopping for a new vehicle.

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