Wednesday, June 20, 2018

How to Find the Right Foreign Car Repair Shop

Owning a foreign car comes with the task of finding an auto repair shop that will accommodate your specific vehicle. The need for the right kind of repair is also essential to maintaining performance. Here are some useful tips on how to find the right foreign car repair shop for your vehicle.


Find a Shop Before You Need Repairs

Not every mechanic's shop is capable of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo or Land Rover repair services. When something breaks down, you might wind up settling for a shop that does a subpar job, or you may wind up taking it to a dealership and paying way too much. Car repair is inevitable, so do your due diligence before something breaks down.

Factory Diagnostics

There are certain diagnostic tools used to repair foreign cars and without them, auto repair shops cannot get the job done right. There are diagnostic tools used in the repair of fuel injection, electrical systems, anti-lock brakes and more in foreign cars. When looking for a repair shop, be sure that it is stocked with the proper tools to do the job.

Specialized Service

There are shops that specialize in repairing certain kinds of foreign cars. Just because you have a foreign car, it does not mean every foreign car repair shop will be able to provide you with service. Make sure the shop you choose specializes in your specific type of car. For example, if you have a BMW, don’t just assume any foreign car repair shop will suffice. Make sure the shop you choose specializes in BMW service in Charlotte NC.

Recommended Maintenance

Repairing your foreign car can be expensive when you have to pay for the cost of parts. Remember that it’s not the actual repair that can be expensive. The key is to limit repairs by catching minor issues before they can manifest into major ones. An auto repair shop that recommends regular maintenance is not just trying to upsell you a service. Regular maintenance is a way of preventing major repairs and generally encouraged by reputable shops.

MBV European Ltd specializes in repairing and servicing all models of BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz and Volvo vehicles. Our factory technicians are skilled in all of the details that are required to fix vehicles manufactured by those name brands. Top-quality Charlotte foreign car auto repair is waiting for you at MBV European Ltd.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Auto Repair at Independent Shops Superior to Franchised Dealership Repair

A trip to the auto mechanic is not always a welcomed one for most people. However, the auto repair process is not as bad as it initially may sound, particularly when you can count on an independent shop like MBV European for all your repairs.

A recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports proved the superiority of independent repair shops over franchise owned car dealerships. Consumer Reports is one of the most respected American publications when it comes to evaluating products and has been doing so since 1936.

The most recent Consumer Reports survey included 80,000 car repair jobs done at franchise car dealerships along with 41,000 car repairs conducted by independent shops. Another interesting aspect was that the luxury car contingent was actually the highest segment of vehicles brought into a dealership for repairs.

The annual survey continued to show results that have been consistent for a number of years. The results indicated that respondents reported cheaper prices, better quality, more courtesy and an overall higher level of satisfaction when taking their vehicles to independent shops. The survey also showed that dealerships regularly charged significantly higher prices for labor and parts.

Auto mechanics who work at those dealerships were not a target in these results. Respondents were not dissatisfied with the quality of repair at dealerships, although they were not happy with other aspects of service. There was often a significant price gap when comparing the independent shops and dealerships. This can be particularly true for those seeking BMW repairs Charlotte NC.

The one group of respondents who also reported being much more satisfied with independent shops than dealership service centers were Mercedes Benz owners. They consistently reported receiving much lower prices when taking their vehicles to independent repair shops.

As a whole, respondents reported that the repairs were done on time more often at independent repair shops. Meanwhile, customers were typically forced to wait beyond the time they were quoted at a franchise dealership.

Franchised new car dealers rarely outperformed independent repair shops in terms of overall service and the only one who scored high marks was the electric car company Tesla. However, this is a relatively new company with only a limited amount of customers.

Independent repair shops provide an excess amount of advantages and MBV European Ltd. delivers in every one of those areas. As a respected name in Charlotte auto repair, we are committed to providing high quality service and affordable rates to owners of Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Land Rover and BMW vehicles.  

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

BMW Service Tips

There is a great deal of pride that comes with owning and driving a BMW. There is also a good deal of responsibility in maintaining your BMW. Here is a look at some helpful insight shared by MBV European Ltd that will ensure your BMW keeps on running smoothly.

Fuel Pump

BMW owners who have exceeded the 100K mile mark should consider replacing their fuel pump along with the filter before it fails. There are a high number of incidents of fuel pumps failing between 100 and 150k miles. To avoid the unpleasantness of being stranded, it is a good idea to replace the fuel pump once your BMW hits the 100k mile mark. And to keep your fuel pump running well, don’t let your gas level go down too low.

Fog Lights

The low-lying fog lights on a BMW make them easily susceptible to damage from random debris. Adding a little more protection can make these lights more durable. Try using a store-bought plastic covering over the lens. These self-adhesive products are low in cost and available from a variety of manufacturers.

Cooling System

It is not uncommon for a cooling system to fail in a BMW. The reason for this is that many of the parts within the cooling system are made of plastic. The wear and tear of usage can cause these parts to break down over the course of time. It’s a good idea to have your radiator and cooling tank checked during routine BMW maintenance in order to stay on top of this potential issue.


An alignment on your BMW should go one step further and examine the steering angle sensor. This sensor is very important to BMWs that are equipped with Dynamic Stability Control. A failure to accurately calibrate this steering angle sensor will cause problems when it comes to using your brakes, especially when skidding or using evasive maneuvers. There is also specialized equipment used by mechanics to calibrate this particular sensor.

Oil Changes

BMWs call for the use of synthetic oil, but not recommended to go beyond 7,500 miles before getting an oil change. This will enable your vehicle to maintain optimum performance at all times. However, if your service indicator light comes on before that 7,500-mile mark, get it in for an BMW oil change.

When it is time to get your BMW serviced in Charlotte, make sure to visit MBV European Ltd. Our team of experienced technicians is trained in the proper procedures that are necessary to service all makes and models of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Land Rover vehicles.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Is It Worth It To Repair Or Replace My Mercedes Benz?

When you have owned a Mercedes Benz for a number of years, repair costs could begin to mount. That could present owners with the choice of whether to keep on paying for Mercedes Benz repairs or buying a new Mercedes Benz. Here is a look at the benefits of each option.

Benefits of Repair:

No new car payment – Buying a new car comes with a monthly payment that is probably going to be a lot more than what you are accustomed to spending per month on your older Mercedes Benz. There is also the down payment to consider, along with additional finance charges.

No depreciation – As soon as you buy a new car and drive it off the lot, it loses a lot of value. That money is also money you will never see again. Meanwhile, your used Mercedes will retain close to its same value over the next year or so.

Insurance rates stay the same – Buying a new Mercedes is likely to mean that your insurance premiums will see an increase. Those monthly payments can add up and by keeping your older Mercedes, you will not have to fork up any additional funds every month.

Benefits of Replacement:

Warranty – New cars come with warranties and the fact that they are new also means that you probably won’t experience any problems. But if you do encounter any mishaps, your new car warranty will prevent you from having to dig deep into your pockets to pay for repair.

New Features – We see these all the time at MBV Euro Charlotte.With each new year, more advanced features are being implemented into new Mercedes Benz vehicles. Those kind of advances could be at your fingertips with the purchase of a Mercedes that is fresh out of the factory. Enhanced safety features could also provide more security.

Down payment dollars – The money that probably would have been spent on repairs in the next coming year could be used towards the down payment for your new Mercedes Benz. One single repair can easily eclipse the $1,000-mark and that is money that would come in very handy when shopping for a new vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes Benz, Mercedes, Benz, luxury vehicle, luxury car

MBV European Ltd. has the experience and skill to make all the necessary repairs to your current Mercedes Benz. Our technicians can also provide regular service and maintenance on your newer model Mercedes Benz. Our BMW repair services are also very popular. MBV European Ltd. has you covered as we handle all kinds of service and repair on Mercedes Benz, Volvo, BMW and Land Rover vehicles. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Common Causes That Activate a Volvo’s Check Engine Light

When the ‘Check Engine’ light comes on in your Volvo, it could be for a variety of reasons. Most times, it is the same problems which lead to this warning sign and it’s not always a reason to worry. Here’s a look at the most common causes for the ‘Check Engine’ light to illuminate in your Volvo.

Volvo engine, under the hood of a Volvo, foreign made vehicle, import, repair service

Fuel Cap

Believe it or not, a fuel cap that is not fastened tightly has the capability for setting off your ‘Check Engine’ light. This should always be the first component you test as it could take a quick spin of the wrist to fix the issue. This is also common found in Mercedes Benz and BMW servicing Charlotte NC.

Oxygen Sensor

This is another common cause for the ‘Check Engine’ light to activate. The function of the oxygen sensor is to measure how much unburned oxygen there is in your vehicle’s exhaust. When that sensor fails, it also affects the fuel economy in your Volvo.

Mass Air Flow Sensor

The mass air flow sensor in a Volvo gauges the engine’s air density intake, which serves the purpose of letting the car’s computer know the exact amount of fuel to inject into each of the engine’s cylinder.

Catalytic Converter

This is one of the more costly problems that is indicated by a Volvo’s ‘Check Engine’ light. This problem occurs more often when Volvo owners do not stick to their required maintenance schedule. This is also an issue that needs to be addressed to keep your Volvo running efficiently.

Ignition Coils

The ignition coils are responsible for charging the spark plugs, which are essential to keep your Volvo operational. The coils actually convert low voltage electricity into high voltage electricity. Needless to say, this is a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Faulty Hoses

Hoses within your Volvo’s engine can crack over time and they can also loosen. When either of those problems occur, the ‘Check Engine’ light will come on. A diagnostic check will be able to identify the exact cause of the problem and if it is indeed a hose, it is a relatively simple fix.

To find out the exact reason why the ‘Check Engine’ light has been activated in your Volvo, simply visit MBV European Ltd. Out factory trained technicians will also get your Volvo back to proper working condition with the top European auto repair in Charlotte, NC. We also provide service and repair for all BMW, Land Rover and Mercedes Benz models.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Land Rover AC Maintenance

Land Rover, Range Rover, Interior view of Land Rover
There is nothing worse than driving without air conditioning on a sweltering summer day. The refreshing flow of cool air can make your driving experience so much more enjoyable. When keeping cool inside a Land Rover, it is important to devote your attention to the following areas before the onset of the hot summer season. If a problem does arise, remember to call the Land Rover service specialists at MBV European Ltd.


There are a host of valves, pumps and hoses that are all playing a role in a properly functioning air conditioner. A lack of lubrication within any of these areas could lead to problems with your air conditioning. Lubricating these parts prior to the start of the summer season should be enough to keep your AC working strong.


This is what powers that super cool air throughout your Land Rover. If you find that your air is not ice cold, then it could mean you are low on refrigerant, or that you have a leak. It is a good idea to fill up before the summer on refrigerant, but be mindful if your AC loses some of its briskness. That is a warning sign that it’s losing refrigerant.

Bolts and belts

A squealing noise or clicking sound coming from your engine is a sign there could be a problem with your Land Rover’s AC unit. The squealing sound is a strong indicator that there is a problem with a belt and a clicking sound usually means a bolt is loose. A bad belt could lead to problems with the compressor, which is essentially the heart of the system. The good news being this is a fairly simple Land Rover repair Charlotte NC.


The condenser contains a lot of parts, mainly the evaporator and the compressor. When the condenser fails, only warm air will blow through the vents. The two most popular reasons for a failed condenser is a leak and blockage. Leakage is often unavoidable, but blockage can be caused by debris that accumulates while driving. A routine maintenance check can identify that debris.

All of these reasons prove that routine maintenance on your AC unit is a smart move before the start of every summer season. That way, any minor issues can be attended to before they lead to major repairs.

MBV European Ltd. can make sure the AC in your Land Rover is functioning properly. We can also provide a fix in the event that your AC breaks down altogether. Our factory trained technicians also specialize in all types of Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover and BMW repair Charlotte.