Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Auto Repair Basics for BMW, Volvo, Mercedes Benz and Land Rover

Buying a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo or Land Rover can be a sizeable investment. That is why it is important to care for your foreign car properly. Here are some helpful car care basics for vehicles produced by those elite manufacturers.

Pay Attention to Timing Belt

Timing belts are a big deal on foreign cars and when they give out, it could bring forth the need for major engine repair. That could become very costly. At the first sign of any screeching or squealing, get right over to your repair shop and switch out your timing belt. Also, replace the timing belt when it is recommended by the factory manual, even if it is not giving off any signs of trouble.

Follow Factory Recommendations

BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz and Land Rover vehicles should all have parts replaced when it is specified by the factory recommendations. Major repair work can be very costly, so it is very important to maintain proper upkeep. Follow those factory recommendations to a tee to ensure quality performance and a lack of BMW repairs in Charlotte NC. If a part is recommended to be replaced or serviced at 30k miles, do it as soon as you reach that mark.

Synthetic Oil

When you make an investment in a quality foreign car, there comes the added responsibility of investing in a quality motor oil. Don’t forget to use synthetic oil every time around and also change the oil when it’s recommended. Lapses in this area are not as forgiving as they are on other cars. Remember, if you are travel off-road through dirt, dust and mud you should increase the frequency of Land Rover service and oil changes.

Seasonal Maintenance

The change of the season always calls for some form of maintenance. Remove any accumulations of salt once the winter months have ended, which applies to both the interior and exterior. Also, give the coolant system a check before the summer months begin and check for damage to hoses after harsh weather, regardless of the season.

UV Protection

UV rays from the sun can take a toll on both the interior and exterior of your luxury vehicle. Invest in a car wax that protects your vehicle from the sun’s harmful UV rays. As far as the interior goes, tinted windows are a great line of defense as are products that specifically treat leather seats.

MBV Euro is the one and only choice for import car repair in Charlotte, NC. Contact us today and we will make sure your Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Land Rover or BMW is running as smoothly as it should.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Truths about Mercedes Benz Repair

There are lots of myths that exist when it comes to Mercedes Benz and the repair process. However, many of those misconceptions are without any kind of justification. Here is a closer look at some of the real truths about Mercedes services in Charlotte NC, including repair and maintenance.

Mercedes repair is not more expensive

It is a common myth that every single repair on a Mercedes Benz is going to be very costly. The repair costs are the same as they are on any other car. However, Mercedes Benz parts may be a little more costly because they have to be imported. But the repair process itself is no different than it would be on any other car.

Warranties cannot be voided by getting repairs outside of a dealership

There is no clause that prevents Mercedes Benz owners from getting repair work done at the independent shop of their choice. A law was actually created in 1975 called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which negated Mercedes dealerships from monopolizing this facet of the business.

Independent shops can do the same repair work as dealerships

Just because you buy a Mercedes Benz from a dealership does not obligate you to go there for any repair work. But don’t just choose any auto repair shop. It is important to choose factory-trained technicians who are certified to work on Mercedes Benz vehicles like those at Charlotte MBV European Ltd.

Mercedes Benz vehicles require the same amount of maintenance as any other car

It is purely a myth to say that Mercedes require more frequent maintenance than other brands of cars. Their parts are not fragile. In fact, Mercedes are manufactured with great precision. That translates into reliable automobiles. The schedule for routine maintenance is not extreme in any sense.

Mercedes Benz need maintenance

Buying a Mercedes does not mean you have just bought a vehicle that is impervious to problems. Car parts break down on a Mercedes just like they would on any other car. Don’t hesitate to bring a Mercedes in for routine maintenance as it is not some type of supercar that will always run without flaw.

MBV European Ltd. staffs a team of technicians who are certified to provide full service on all Mercedes Benz models. For the very best foreign car repair in Charlotte, including BMW service, contact the professionals at MBV European Ltd. We are also certified to provide auto repair service on all makes of Volvo, BMW and Land Rover vehicles.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Using OEM Parts for Your BMW and How It May Affect Your Insurance

It is inevitable that some parts on your BMW are going to have to be fixed and replaced. When that time comes, it is encouraged to employ factory-trained technicians for BMW repairs and use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. It is also important to do some research into your insurance policy long before it’s time to make any of these repairs.

Some insurance companies advise their clients to use aftermarket parts instead of OEM. The reason for this is that the companies do not want to pay the higher cost of OEM parts, even though their use is strongly recommended. Some insurance companies will even refuse to reimburse BMW owners the full cost of the OEM parts.

This can actually add up to a large amount of money that owners will have to pay out of pocket for BMW, Volvo, or Mercedes repair Charlotte NC. Owners can argue that using aftermarket parts lowers the resale value of a BMW. And owners who trade in their BMWs with aftermarket parts are prone to receive less trade-in value. Many dealers check the repair history to see what kind of parts have been used in the repair process.

And if you have leased a BMW, the use of parts that are not OEM could wind up costing you a nice chunk of your security deposit. That is due to the fact that you will be returning your BMW in a very different condition from when you received it.

Not all insurance companies use tactics that advocate the use of aftermarket repair parts. There are some reputable companies that encourage their policyholders to use OEM parts and will not penalize them for doing so. The catch is that some of those companies have higher insurance rates.

When it comes to any cosmetic repairs, non-OEM parts have not been proven to decrease the overall safety of the vehicle. However, many BMW owners are very selective when choosing any cosmetic replacement parts, particularly since it is not a small investment.

The bottom line is that it’s important to know all the details of your insurance policy before any trouble occurs. There are plenty of options and before there is a need to make any type of repair to your BMW, you should know all of them.

M B V Euro staffs a team of factory-trained technicians and always uses OEM parts when making repairs to your BMW. There is no need to worry about aftermarket parts as we pride our business on making the very best repairs to your BMW, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover or Volvo.

Friday, September 15, 2017

The 100k Mile Service Stop For Volvos

It is very common for drivers to steer their Volvos past the 100k-mile mark. Most Volvos last well beyond 100k miles, although that is a good time to visit your local service shop. Volvo has proven to produce very reliable and durable vehicles, although there are still parts that are prone to breaking down around the 100k-mile mark according to the experts at MBV European Ltd in Charlotte North Carolina.

Volvo, vintage, yellow Volvo car

Some of the parts that could begin to wear down include the water pump and timing belt. The latter of those two can lead to major problems, so it is strongly recommended to test out the state of your Volvo’s timing belt at 100k miles. Older model Volvos should also have the components of their turbocharger checked, presuming it was made with one.

Volvos have also developed a reputation for having excellent safety features. Those features also need to be checked when the car reaches 100k miles. This safety check should extend to the car’s airbags as even minute holes in an airbag can cause it to be deployed improperly. That could bring about serious injury to drivers and passengers. The car’s anti-lock brakes should also be checked as that feature is likely to have experienced its share of wear and tear over the course of 100k miles.

Volvo, car, vintage, classic car, antique, automotive, 100 mile service, 100 mile repairs, Volvo service Charlotte NC, European car, European Auto, European auto service For Volvos, 100k miles can be interpreted a little differently. Since the early sixties, Volvos have been very dependable and regularly surpass 200k miles. That does not mean they do not require maintenance along the way. However, comprehensive service at 100k miles will go a long way towards a Volvo seeing the 200k-mile mark. Just like Mercedes Benz repair in Charlotte, Volvo auto care should be handled by a fully certified technician.

Replacement parts on Volvos are higher priced than car parts that are used to fix American cars. However, those replacement parts have the tendency to last quite a while, as long as they are factory parts.

It is also important to keep in mind that many Volvos that are hitting 100k miles around this time are 5-cylinder models. These models require some special attention as there are certain areas that have notoriously failed. Staying on top of that maintenance will provide your Volvo with as many miles as possible.

MBV European Ltd. is the only choice for Volvo repair in Charlotte, NC. Our technicians are factory trained and know the ins and outs when it comes to Volvo service, repair and preventative maintenance. We also provide repair service for BMW, Land Rover and Mercedes Benz.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Common Types of Land Rover Repairs

Purchasing your very own Land Rover can be a very exciting time. However, it does not mean that your future will be free of any repairs. Here is a look at the most common repair problems in a Land Rover.

Air Suspension

Land Rovers rely on a pump to support its air suspension and it was designed that way to provide a smoother ride. However, Land Rover service and repair centers in Charlotte NC agree that these pumps can fail and a bad height sensor can also deactivate the suspension. There could be other causes, but it is important to identify the warning signs. The most obvious warning sign is the activation of the EAS (electronic air suspension) light. Another indicator is that the truck will not seem to stay level when driving. As soon as you identify either of these issues, get your Land Rover to a certified mechanic right away.

Oil Leak

Land Rovers are known for springing an eventual oil leak. So when you notice any of that black ooze dripping from your vehicle, try to find the source. It could be something minor, such as a drain plug that needs to be tightened. However, it could be something more problematic as gaskets and heater cores can often fail in Land Rovers. The key is to take action at the first sign of a leak and it could really benefit you in the long term.

Parking Brake

Most cars rarely experience much trouble with a parking brake, but it is a more common issue in Land Rovers. The reason for this is typically because of a faulty brake actuator or a brake cable that is not adjusted correctly. The warning signs for a bad parking brake is a grinding noise or complete lack of release. Make an appointment with MBV Euro in Charlotte NC if you suspect a problem with your brakes.

Coolant Leak

A common problem in Land Rovers occurs in the coolant bottle, which has a tendency to crack and split. While some of those cracks may be small, it can eventually lead to problems with the vehicle overheating. One indicator of this problem is the activation of the low coolant light. When that lights up, get your Land Rover checked out before it can cause greater damage by overheating.

MBV European Ltd. is Charlotte’s No.1 repair shop for Land Rovers as our team of factory-trained technicians will make sure your vehicle gets the attention it deserves. We also service vehicles made by Mercedes Benz, BMW and Volvo plus we use only factory parts for replacement.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

How to Find the Right Foreign Car Repair Shop

Owning a foreign car comes with the task of finding an auto repair shop that will accommodate your specific vehicle. The need for the right kind of repair is also essential to maintaining performance. Here are some useful tips on how to find the right foreign car repair shop for your vehicle.


Find a Shop Before You Need Repairs

Not every mechanic's shop is capable of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo or Land Rover repair services. When something breaks down, you might wind up settling for a shop that does a subpar job, or you may wind up taking it to a dealership and paying way too much. Car repair is inevitable, so do your due diligence before something breaks down.

Factory Diagnostics

There are certain diagnostic tools used to repair foreign cars and without them, auto repair shops cannot get the job done right. There are diagnostic tools used in the repair of fuel injection, electrical systems, anti-lock brakes and more in foreign cars. When looking for a repair shop, be sure that it is stocked with the proper tools to do the job.

Specialized Service

There are shops that specialize in repairing certain kinds of foreign cars. Just because you have a foreign car, it does not mean every foreign car repair shop will be able to provide you with service. Make sure the shop you choose specializes in your specific type of car. For example, if you have a BMW, don’t just assume any foreign car repair shop will suffice. Make sure the shop you choose specializes in BMW service in Charlotte NC.

Recommended Maintenance

Repairing your foreign car can be expensive when you have to pay for the cost of parts. Remember that it’s not the actual repair that can be expensive. The key is to limit repairs by catching minor issues before they can manifest into major ones. An auto repair shop that recommends regular maintenance is not just trying to upsell you a service. Regular maintenance is a way of preventing major repairs and generally encouraged by reputable shops.

MBV European Ltd specializes in repairing and servicing all models of BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz and Volvo vehicles. Our factory technicians are skilled in all of the details that are required to fix vehicles manufactured by those name brands. Top-quality Charlotte foreign car auto repair is waiting for you at MBV European Ltd.